About Ken

Kenneth L. Judd is the Paul H. Bauer Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. The main purpose of this blog is to discuss economic research and its application to government policy. The general theme will be how applied mathematics and computational science can be applied to economic modeling, and social modeling more generally. Modern computational tools are being used intensively in almost all fields of study except economics, where instead many prefer simpler methods to analyze complex social and economic processes. There is also substantial hostility to this effort. This blog will address the criticisms of computational economics as well as point to computational tools that have potential to advance economics research.

I will also apply the theme of this blog to more general matters. In particular, my recent op-eds with Karl Schmedders have dealt with the COVID-19 crisis and asks “what analysis made the Congress think that CARES was a good idea?” Yes, I think that Congress and the President should Show Me the Math.